Trey Bruce Headshot Across broad and diverse swathes of Florida, within densely and sparsely populated counties, and among vastly disparate personality and work ethic types, many Florida CPAs react with curiously similar levels of annoyance and heartburn to their Form DR-405 engagements. Well, at least this is my unofficial conclusion, based on anecdotal accounts. Frequently, at gatherings and networking events, I’ll seek out feedback from other CPAs concerning their approaches toward, as well as processes performed within, these engagements.  (That I am routinely met with eye-rolls or variations thereof informs me that I have room for improvement in my networking/schmoozing skills.) My curiosity stems from a disconnect that I’ve observed between the nuanced and fact-sensitive nature of judgments required in these filings, on the one hand, and the cursory, overly hurried processes that are apparently applied by many Florida CPAs in these engagements, on the other. (more…)

Claire SaltmarshThis past summer, Saltmarsh brought in several community leaders to share their experiences in leadership, how they got involved in their organizations, and the benefits of community leadership. One of the common themes among the presenters was to make sure that each person takes the time to find the right organization to become involved with, as each organization has their own individual benefits. (more…)

Porupski 2018 HeadshotThe family law industry is facing a dramatic change to the tax impact of divorce following the passage of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, signed into law on December 22, 2017. Under the new legislation, for divorce decrees executed after December 31, 2018, alimony becomes tax neutral, meaning there are no tax consequences to either party, much like child support. The repeal of the alimony tax deduction does not affect existing alimony obligations or divorces finalized prior to January 1, 2019. (more…)

Hermance JeannaEvery January, the FICPA hosts the Valuation, Forensic Accounting & Litigation Services (VFALS) Conference in Ft. Lauderdale. Although the conference has been offered in many variations, the FICPA has held the VFALS conference annually since 2006. Each year it brings well-regarded professionals to speak to a room of CPAs, generally with special interests in either valuation and/or forensic accounting.  (more…)

Heineken Nicole (2)As discussed previously, passing the CPA exam is a daunting challenge, yet it is only a step along the journey toward one ultimate goal – to become a Certified Public Accountant. A successful exam preparedness plan begins with researching what is required to be a licensed CPA in your chosen state and then crafting a plan of attack to fulfill all of the state’s licensure requirements. (more…)

david-whiteWhen a wave of “busy season” crashes against your office, there seems to be a daily conundrum: where do you apply the one factor within your control – your time, energy, and attention? Will you tend to the deluge of emails, phone calls, and distractions? Or actually get billable work done? The ultimate answer is that you’ll need to have some balance of both. Below are some recommendations for gaining more control of your valuable time: (more…)