CPA Panel Experience at the FICPA Annual Accounting Show Student Track

CarterAs accountants, we are focused on tasks directly in front of us. Calculating numbers and serving clients compose the lifeblood of our daily routines. However, sometimes we have to look past the present and into the future. For the second year in a row, I’ve had the privilege to participate in the FICPA Annual Accounting Show Student Track Panel.

The students were excited and eager to ask questions, especially with the pending changes to the exam format.  Of course, the first question was the dreaded, “Which section should I take first?” As most of you know, the planning phase of the CPA Exam can be more nerve wracking than the exam itself. One can get a headache just from the idea of studying for a 14 hour (soon to be 16 hour) test.  Sharing my CPA exam experience was humbling and the students truly appreciated the real-world advice that was shared with them. YCPAs have a high level of influence on the future profession, as we aren’t ‘too far removed’ from the students themselves. I’ve realized that the future is not something that must wait, but something we have to create.

Allyse Carter
YCPA Committee Member