What is the AICPA Leadership Academy and Why Apply?

The AICPA Leadership Academy is a four-day program designed to engage the next generation of CPAs with a strong ethic of leadership and service, while providing them with strategies to forge relationships, to expand their competencies, and empower them to become a leader within their organization, community and the CPA profession. One attendee describes his experience this way: “Leadership Academy was profoundly transformational – it positively impacted the way I approach my life and my career, while providing what I know will be life-long friendships developed in just a few days.”  Like him, there have been many other young CPAs who have been positively impacted by the Leadership Academy!

You (yes…you) may want to begin considering the Leadership Academy for yourself if you are between the ages of 25 and 35, have been a practicing CPA for at least 3 years, and are a member of the AICPA.  The next event will be held in Durham, NC on October 2-6, 2016, but you will want to begin the application process soon, which includes providing two professional references, writing an essay. Those selected will be responsible for the $925 program fee, which includes all but travel expenses. The AICPA will be selecting candidates from a very limited number of applications submitted by the May 31, 2016 deadline.

The Florida Institute of CPAs will sponsor the program for up to 2 FICPA members, if selected by the AICPA. FICPA members selected for the Academy will also be featured in our association magazine, Florida CPA Today.

This is a great opportunity in so many ways…don’t let it slip away!