What the FICPA Means to Me

KrblichWhen I started working in accounting, I was told to join the FICPA. I had no idea what it was, except that my firm expected me to be a member. The first FICPA event I attended was a holiday social where I met a woman who told me about the Young CPA group and their mission to engage Young CPAs in the accounting profession. It’s hard to believe that was over four years ago!

Although the FICPA is an organization, it is also what you make of it. It has all different kinds of opportunities to get involved (other than just attending CPE), from networking, to volunteering, to giving back to the community. The way I started to get involved was from a networking event. There are networking events organized throughout the year, all throughout the state to provide opportunities to meet with other professionals in various fields of work as well as in accounting. The FICPA encourages its young professionals to get involved.

The Young CPA Committee has also started an annual CPA Day of Service. This year, the second annual CPA Day of Service is Saturday, May 21, 2016. The Committee has put an effort forward to organize events throughout the state. If there is not an event near you, you can work through your chapter to stir interest in an event and help organize it. Other ways to volunteer include becoming a member on your local chapter board, or a committee member statewide.

Another way you can get involved is by giving back to accounting students. The FICPA Educational Foundation has developed a fun and easy way for firms to contribute to the future of our profession through Jeans for Scholarships. The donations collected provide scholarships and education programs for accounting students throughout the state.

No matter how you choose to participate, I can honestly say the professional network you develop from getting involved is priceless.

Katie Krblich

YCPA Committee