FICPA OneSource – The FICPA’s Newest Member Benefit


porupskiThe FICPA’s new classified ad and job board system is here, and it’s powerful. FICPA OneSource is a “one-stop-shop” resource for CPAs looking for employment/employees.

The FICPA’s latest benefit for members offers:

• Job postings locally or through the Financial Job Exchange
• A searchable resume database
• Free internship postings
• Career resources
• Career coaching
• Classified advertising for office space, practices wanted for purchase or merger and practices for sale

It’s all in one place and specifically designed for our profession!
The launch of the FICPA’s newest member benefit, FICPA OneSource, is designed to be an online repository of all types of information related to jobs in the accounting profession, centralized in one, easy to access location.

Users can create a customized profile tailored to their needs. There are two types of accounts available, Job Seekers and Employers. Profiles can be linked to social media sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once a profile is created, a variety of features allow the user to customize their profile to their specific needs.

For job seeker profiles, features such as profile views, profile visibility, and application management are provided. Job seekers can customize profile privacy settings to public, confidential or private. A public profile allows the profile and any documents the user selects to be searchable. A confidential profile allows only the profile to be searchable and keeps the contact information hidden. A private profile is not searchable.

A job seeker profile contains information such as contact information, job history, education history, a customized work statement, current employment status, current and desired salary, areas of interest, willingness to relocate, willingness to travel, etc. Once an account is created, job seekers can upload up to 5 documents such as their resumes, CVs, letters of recommendation, etc.

Job seekers can browse for jobs by state, type (full-time, part-time, temp to full-time) and level (entry level or experienced), customizing the search to suit their needs. Job seekers are able to explore jobs throughout the United States. For internships, job seekers are prompted to input their information such as school, major, GPA, graduation date, message to employers, etc. Job seekers are then included in the list of available students seeking internships so employers can easily find them. Users are also able to browse the growing list of internships and can apply for internships directly with a verified job seeker account.

Employer profiles allow employers to create customized profiles, search and browse resumes, post jobs, manage applicants and much more. Employers have the ability to customize their job postings and select specific features such as creating custom, job-specific videos to combine the social and mobile engagement of video messaging. FICPA OneSource provides easy-to-use tools to customize the look and content so that employers can stand out from their competition.

Once an account is created, users are able to utilize the features and resources FICPA OneSource has to offer. There is no shortage of information related to CPA jobs available on the Internet. But until now, that information was spread out across multiple websites, creating a burdensome process for people thinking about transitioning into their next job, selling their practice, finding new employees, etc.

That’s not the case anymore! FICPA OneSource is split into four categories:

1. Jobs/Internships
2. Office Space for Sale or Rent
3. Practices Wanted for Purchase or Merger
4. Practices for Sale

1. Jobs/Internships:
• Find Jobs/Internships
• Post Jobs/Internships
• Access Career Resources
• Career Coaching: Coming from a variety of professional backgrounds, certified coaches have the experience, training, and expertise needed to help you achieve your career goals.
• Resume Writing: Whether you are mid-career professional, a senior executive, or just entering the job market, experts are ready to critique your existing resume or help you craft a document that gets you noticed.
• Reference Checking: Get your references checked, confidentially and professionally so you can be confident your past employers are helping, not hurting, your candidacy.
• Career Learning Center: Video and written presentations designed to instruct and entertain, from creating powerful resumes to developing an effective personal network for career success.

2. Office Space for Sale or Rent:
• Find or List Office Space for Sale or Rent

3. Practices Wanted for Purchase or Merger:
• Find or List Practices Wanted for Purchase or Merger

4. Practices for Sale:
• Find or List Practices for Sale

FICPA’s OneSource job board is partnered with the Financial Job Exchange (FJE), a powerful network of local and National online association career centers in banking, finance, accounting, and insurance; which provides maximum benefits for all participants. Partnering with the Financial Job Exchange (FJE) expands the FICPA’s reach and delivers significantly broader exposure for FICPA members as well as provides the most relevant jobs for candidates and the highest return for employers.

No matter what your CPA job needs are, FICPA OneSource is your “one-stop-shop” so make sure and check it out today!

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Amanda M. Porupski, CPA
CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.