Conference Commentary: VFALS

Hermance JeannaEvery January, the FICPA hosts the Valuation, Forensic Accounting & Litigation Services (VFALS) Conference in Ft. Lauderdale. Although the conference has been offered in many variations, the FICPA has held the VFALS conference annually since 2006. Each year it brings well-regarded professionals to speak to a room of CPAs, generally with special interests in either valuation and/or forensic accounting. As a second-timer and avid learner, I’ve realized that there are a some things this conference brings each year, such as Judge Cynthia Greene’s family case law update. As one of the most anticipated sessions, she awards some of the most outrageous and monumental cases of the year with a comedic twist. The conference also consistently proves to be a valuable networking platform, usually begins with an economic update, always includes breakout sessions that gear presentations towards either a valuation-focus or a forensic accounting-focus, and almost always ends with a judge’s panel.

While the conference provides many consistent traditions, the presentations and discussions vary each year to provide topics that are (or expected to be) relevant to our day-to-day. This year, some of the presentations included titles such as—

  • Cyber Security – Current Threats and Intrusions
  • Valuation of Cryptocurrency Assets
  • Insurance Implications of Hurricanes
  • Is the Size Effect Still Alive and Kicking?
  • Why PI? The CPA as a Private Investigator
  • The Confessions of a Reluctant Expert Witness
  • Accounting in a Digital Universe

I can’t help but wonder what the agenda looked like many years ago. If you have ever considered an interest in VFALS, I suggest you look into attending next year. As I’m sure you can agree, by virtue of the topics above, the future of our profession is full of opportunity.

Jeanna Hermance

Litigation Support, Forensic Accounting & Mediation Services

Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Company, P.A.