novikovAre you a young CPA looking to grow as a leader?  Volunteer to serve on a committee.

Serving on a committee enables you to network with your peers and play an influential role in shaping the future of your profession.  A good place to start is with FICPA committees.  There are over 30 committees to choose from, and those include the Young CPA (YCPA) and Accounting Careers Committees.  (more…)

KirkHello and welcome to the Young and Licensed blog, created and contributed to by members of the YCPA Committee of the Florida Institute of CPAs! Our committee is a state-wide group that strives to bring young CPAs together. We are in the second year of our blog and I hope you have all enjoyed the great content our first year has provided. We have a lot planned for you Young CPAs this year, including great professional networking opportunities; visiting with members of the Florida Legislature; coordinating a statewide day of service for CPAs to give back to their communities; and much more. We will also be providing our views on technical topics in our profession and giving you a look into the lives of Young CPAs. I invite you to join us and read about our journey throughout the year. Enjoy!

John Kirk
YCPA Committee Chair – 2016-17

KrblichWhen I started working in accounting, I was told to join the FICPA. I had no idea what it was, except that my firm expected me to be a member. The first FICPA event I attended was a holiday social where I met a woman who told me about the Young CPA group and their mission to engage Young CPAs in the accounting profession. It’s hard to believe that was over four years ago! (more…)