Amy LongAs a CPA, perhaps one of your career goals is to become a partner. Whether that be at a Big 4 firm, a smaller firm, or perhaps starting up your own. One of the things I would always hear as it relates to partners is having a book of business. Maintaining clients as well as bringing new ones in. When I first started my career, business development seems like such a daunting task (who am I kidding, it’s still daunting at times). How do you even start? What knowledge or technical expertise can I even offer? What’s the point if I’m just starting my career and won’t need a book of business for a while?  (more…)

It seems to be a common occurrence to discuss generations these days and the most talked about generation within my earshot seems to be Generation Y, also known as the millennials (born after 1980). This also happens to be the category I fall into. My perception is that popular topics relating to Gen Y range from work ethic and “unrealistic” expectations, to simply how to keep us engaged. However, what may be more important than discussing Gen Y or any other generation in a vacuum, is a discussion of the generations coexisting.  (more…)

KirkHello and welcome to the Young and Licensed blog, created and contributed to by members of the YCPA Committee of the Florida Institute of CPAs! Our committee is a state-wide group that strives to bring young CPAs together. We are in the second year of our blog and I hope you have all enjoyed the great content our first year has provided. We have a lot planned for you Young CPAs this year, including great professional networking opportunities; visiting with members of the Florida Legislature; coordinating a statewide day of service for CPAs to give back to their communities; and much more. We will also be providing our views on technical topics in our profession and giving you a look into the lives of Young CPAs. I invite you to join us and read about our journey throughout the year. Enjoy!

John Kirk
YCPA Committee Chair – 2016-17

RankinOn Thursday, December 3rd, a bunch of wild and crazy CPA’s in Panama City Beach, FL took over the Dave & Buster’s in Pier Park.  Okay – we weren’t wild and crazy, but we had a chance to be!  The local Miracle Strip Chapter planned a holiday social for us and combined member appreciation, a student benefit, and the Young CPA’s into one event.  To get in the door and receive free food and a free loaded game card all you had to do was bring school supplies.

The Chapter chose to select the Bay County School Homeless EducationFun & Games 3 program to support this year.  In the Bay County school system there are over 800 students who are considered homeless.  The school supplies that we donated will be used by these kids throughout the school year.


CarterAs accountants, we are focused on tasks directly in front of us. Calculating numbers and serving clients compose the lifeblood of our daily routines. However, sometimes we have to look past the present and into the future. For the second year in a row, I’ve had the privilege to participate in the FICPA Annual Accounting Show Student Track Panel.

The students were excited and eager to ask questions, especially with the pending changes to the exam format.  Of course, the first question was the dreaded, “Which section should I take first?” As most of you know, the planning phase of the CPA Exam can be more nerve wracking than the exam itself. One can get a headache just from the idea of studying for a 14 hour (soon to be 16 hour) test.  Sharing my CPA exam experience was humbling and the students truly appreciated the real-world advice that was shared with them. YCPAs have a high level of influence on the future profession, as we aren’t ‘too far removed’ from the students themselves. I’ve realized that the future is not something that must wait, but something we have to create.

Allyse Carter
YCPA Committee Member

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