Taylor Harmon 250Most young professionals that I know are smart, fun, and extremely dedicated to their craft. Young professionals struggled to obtain positions during and after the recession, and they continue to struggle to gain notoriety and progress through the ranks. These struggles continue to motivate millennials to prove their worth and devote large sums of time and energy to their employer’s goals. However, millennials are also extremely interested in their personal lives and value a work/life balance.



porupskiThe FICPA’s new classified ad and job board system is here, and it’s powerful. FICPA OneSource is a “one-stop-shop” resource for CPAs looking for employment/employees.

The FICPA’s latest benefit for members offers:

• Job postings locally or through the Financial Job Exchange
• A searchable resume database
• Free internship postings
• Career resources
• Career coaching
• Classified advertising for office space, practices wanted for purchase or merger and practices for sale

It’s all in one place and specifically designed for our profession!
The launch of the FICPA’s newest member benefit, FICPA OneSource, is designed to be an online repository of all types of information related to jobs in the accounting profession, centralized in one, easy to access location.


barnesEvery year, after the New Year’s hangovers are healed and the holiday decorations stored safely away, a dark cloud begins to form over the head of all Americans. Dread and suspense build as we deliberately procrastinate while turning our attention to other tasks that have been long neglected in hopes that the problem will vanish. Tasks like reorganizing every photo on your computer by date and who is pictured, doing the dishes 3 times a night to be absolutely sure they are clean, and ironing your bedsheets so they are totally wrinkle free. Across the country, errands are endlessly run and houses are spotless. Until, the inevitable finally arrives. Like a train barreling down the track with the bridge blown out ahead, April 15, and the tax deadline, arrives. (more…)

Jessi EngelhardGoing into your first busy season in public accounting can be quite intimidating.  If you’ve dubbed yourself an auditor, it’s likely that week one you’ll be interacting with the client.  Or if you’ve chosen tax, you’re given the forms and asked to go with it.  Everything in school seems challenging but then you get hit with the real world of public accounting.  If you haven’t realized it yet, you will soon…school gives you the vocabulary, the frame of reference, and the ability to confidently tell the difference between debits and credits, but it’s your first busy season where you learn how much you don’t know.  I recently came across an article in the Journal of Accountancy that included tips for first-year auditors.  Even though some of the tips seem obvious, sometimes, we have to remind ourselves. (more…)

chad-kondzich-fsuBeing a FICPA Student Ambassador at Florida State University has been such a great opportunity for me, from meeting multiple accounting professionals in the Tallahassee area to meeting faculty members at Florida State that I hadn’t before. It has helped me build new relationships with people I would have never known without given the chance to represent my school as a student ambassador. It has been an exciting experience, one that I would recommend to anyone looking for a way to be involved in their local community while also helping fellow students learn more about the accounting field. (more…)

krblichI came across an article from the AICPA’s YCPA Network titled TV Characters Who Would Be Great CPAs (link below) and it made me wonder…what TV character do I think would make a great CPA?

Since I am a fan of crime dramas, my thought was Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. Spencer would be an amazing CPA because he has an affinity for patterns and being able to put pieces of a puzzle together to make a unified image. Which as CPAs, we have to be able to do. (more…)