CarterHistorically, the accounting profession has been protected from massive labor changes. The profession has grown over the years through increased regulations, mergers and firms that provide niche services. However, changes are on the horizon. Artificial intelligence and automation will be major changes within the profession. (more…)

barnesAs any accountant will attest, it’s not uncommon to fall asleep with spreadsheets and gridlines burned into our eyes and memories after a day at the office. Excel is perhaps the most used application of any accountant, and also the most underutilized. Even after graduating with a fancy accounting degree, new accountants can be unaware of several simple and convenient features of Excel that can make our jobs much simpler, more efficient, and accurate. (more…)

CarterI’m sure you have heard about Uber and probably used it once. But what does Uber have to do with young CPAs?

Accounting Today recently published an article about the tax implications of the ‘sharing economy’, which include some of our favorite apps which we use on a regular basis. Due to the growth of the sharing economy, the IRS has a created a Sharing Economy Tax Center. The site gives vital information about the tax implications of participating, as a worker, in this burgeoning sector. (more…)

The FICPA’s Twitter account was named among the top 100 tax Twitter accounts to follow for the second year in a row by Kelly Philips Erb, a tax blogger and Forbes contributor. Are you following these accounts?

images[3]The article covers a diverse selection of Twitter accounts that share tax news, updates, analysis and tips. The list also includes the Internal Revenue Service, the American Institute of CPAs, accounting firms, tax bloggers and more. It’s a great resource for those looking to build familiarity with tax concepts and gain insights into a career as a tax CPA.

Follow the FICPA on Twitter and check out the others on the list! Click here to read the article on Forbes.