barnesEvery year, after the New Year’s hangovers are healed and the holiday decorations stored safely away, a dark cloud begins to form over the head of all Americans. Dread and suspense build as we deliberately procrastinate while turning our attention to other tasks that have been long neglected in hopes that the problem will vanish. Tasks like reorganizing every photo on your computer by date and who is pictured, doing the dishes 3 times a night to be absolutely sure they are clean, and ironing your bedsheets so they are totally wrinkle free. Across the country, errands are endlessly run and houses are spotless. Until, the inevitable finally arrives. Like a train barreling down the track with the bridge blown out ahead, April 15, and the tax deadline, arrives. (more…)

krblichI came across an article from the AICPA’s YCPA Network titled TV Characters Who Would Be Great CPAs (link below) and it made me wonder…what TV character do I think would make a great CPA?

Since I am a fan of crime dramas, my thought was Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. Spencer would be an amazing CPA because he has an affinity for patterns and being able to put pieces of a puzzle together to make a unified image. Which as CPAs, we have to be able to do. (more…)