masonI like to describe myself as an “older millennial” in recent years.  I have been heavily involved in campus recruiting and find it interesting how the younger half of our generation values technology, flexibility, and companies with purpose even more than I do.

When I started my first internship, we still used hard-copy workpapers and transitioned over that year to electronic workpapers (much to the displeasure of some of my mature coworkers).  Now, our interns work strictly in electronic databases and have some Excel skills that I’m envious of.  I have even found that the college classes have caught up and are teaching technology more than ever! (more…)

It seems to be a common occurrence to discuss generations these days and the most talked about generation within my earshot seems to be Generation Y, also known as the millennials (born after 1980). This also happens to be the category I fall into. My perception is that popular topics relating to Gen Y range from work ethic and “unrealistic” expectations, to simply how to keep us engaged. However, what may be more important than discussing Gen Y or any other generation in a vacuum, is a discussion of the generations coexisting.  (more…)